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Vou need to renovate and refresh your interior? To arrange and optimize the space? To ease traffic? To select and harmonize colors and materials for floors, walls? To choose design furniture and its installation? To give style to the decoration of your home?

With interior designer Olivier Francheteau, you are guaranteed ainterior decoration that maximizes the potential of your home. An elegant, colorful and unique decoration through its creativity and personalization. Here is a detailed outline of the process for aturnkey project:

  • First visit to your home to learn about your project on site and the specifications. This visit is based on a questionnaire to discover your tastes in terms of colors, materials, styles, your passions, your needs and better understand your personality. It's about defining what message you want to convey through the decoration. This appointment is chargeable and lasts approximately 1h30.

  • Study of your interior decoration and architecture project. First proposal for interior design with a ctrend book. Development of the proposals selected during the first presentation. Identification of materials, furniture and accessories to be prescribed. 2D plans and 3D visuals. Drafting of the description of the work by the various trades. Shopping list.

  • Site supervisionAssurance that the work complies with the recommendations. Organizing and leading site meetingsVerification of the conformity of the works. Support for orders & shopping (furniture & accessories).


  • Finalizing your project. Scheduling and receipt of deliveries. Installation of furniture and interior decoration accessories. Site delivery meeting.

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