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From his childhood inVendee, the room ofinterior decorator Olivier Francheteaubecomes a site of experimentation both thedecorationconstantly changing. Olivier always sticks to the idea that you can always improve what you see and that you have to change the scenery regularly if you can't change the world, to allude to an aphorism by the writer Daniel Pennac.

Foreign language student atNantesthen toreindeer, Olivier likes to hunt or collect furniture to furnish himself. Arrive atParisat the age of 30, he became an actor then a show programmer, and quickly understood the importance of decor in an artistic production.

In 2010,Nice  holds out his arms to him to supervise merchandising in a luxury boutique, where he discovers the exceptional sunshine that obviously allows for the most beautiful chromatic audacity and the constant attention to detail and precision.

Through all these professional experiences,  Olivier has always wanted to make others dream by telling stories. Armed with this philosophy, at the age of 45 he attempted a new challenge: creating his owndecorationat the service of individuals and professionals. The interior decorator signs his difference by an important work on the associations and the contrasts of colors. Beyond the aesthetic criteria, their selection is made according to the orientation of the sun, the symbolism of the color and the functionality of the place and the tastes of the customer. He then createsreal havens of peace, comforting cocoons, far from sanitized interiors, in a cozy and colorful style which undoubtedly helps to feel good at home, as superbly evidenced by itsportfolio

​In 2017, it publishedie Inner Showdowns, her first eBook on her decorating tips. Three years later, a second eBookThe power of colors for your interior est edited to help better understand the chromatic associations.

In 2021, the international magazineBest Interior Designersselects Olivier Francheteau among the 25 decorators of Nice that you should know.To end the year in apotheosis,Three Best Ratedrecommends it in its Top 3 Interior Decorators in Nice. The interior designer's decorating ideas for the home and his expert use of color in paint and wallpaper are unanimously praised.

In 2022, climate change and the health crisis make him realize that he must change his way of working by adopting an eco-responsible approach. He also writes articles to make his readers aware of adopting more virtuous consumption throughbuying second-hand vintage furniture. It is now a question of making more use of what already exists by redoubling creativity and of favoring the purchase of furniture and decorative accessories from antique and second-hand dealers, as evidenced by a post onthe nine unmissable decoration addresses in Nantes.Whether for a house or an apartment, the culmination of the project thus gives rise to a personalized, unique, harmonious and rich in sensations interior.

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