Découvrez les plus beaux témoignages de clients d'Olivier Francheteau ayant fait appel à ses services pour des projets de décoration d'intérieur, sous forme de rénovation, home staging ou coaching.

"Olivier FRANCHETEAU is the decorator who knew how to understand my needs and formalize them in objects and colors. He was professional in his estimate, the choice of materials always subject to my prior approval, delivery times, delivery herself (since he put himself at my service by carrying out the installation of certain objects such as rods, curtains, hems, etc.) which is very pleasant when there is no time to do it yourself ... an undeniable asset! He is attentive. I can only recommend him, especially since his price is very affordable. He changed the atmosphere of my offices and gave us a pleasant and dynamic working environment! The whole team is delighted !!! " Me Stéphanie Jourquin (Nice)


"We have enjoyed working with you and we hope that we can continue to work with you as we continue updating the house". Charles R. Myers (Houston, USA)


"Cool design! Good decorating ideas! Love it!" Valgerður Matthíasdóttir (Reykjavik, Iceland)


"For my part I am conquered by so many ideas and originality. I would not have thought that we can marry styles as well without the decoration being too overloaded (in my case it is rather Scandinavian style with some old wooden pieces so you can imagine!). What I liked the most is the combination of lines and curves of the furniture which give an aesthetic that is both elegant and cozy, feminine and masculine and above all the fact that "Olivier Francheteau is a very attentive decorator who seeks above all to satisfy his client while making him aware of the interest of having a unique place." Marion Roudil (Antibes)


"Olivier Francheteau completely changed the entrance to my apartment which was not being used. He managed to create a strong and original visual identity while optimizing the space. His idea of ​​installing a birch tree as a filter, also serving of coat racks with a reminder thanks to the Woods wallpaper that really wowed me. " Thierry Mourb (Nice)


"Olivier is quite simply a pro and a creative, he allowed me to have a renewed vision of my apartment and to dare new things while preserving my identity. His recce also allow us to pay more attention to our space of life and it's essential to feel good at home. " Jérôme Vauselle (Paris)


"Olivier has a high quality of listening and has a strong creative capacity. His cultural richness in many fields allows him to realize beautiful projects, unique and subtle. I highly recommend him." Bernard Vallotton, architect (Nice)


"Dear Mr. Francheteau, Thank you for your advice and your work, the seriousness and efficiency of which I appreciated. I wish you a good continuation and lots of decorative challenges to take up." Delphine Prely (Villeneuve Loubet)


"Elegance and above all creativity in the mixing of colors because Olivier Francheteau understood all the importance of it to achieve the desired harmony depending on the target piece. Because of my magnetizer activity, I am particularly sensitive to this energy balance and Olivier really sets it apart from other decorators with its very sharp approach. " Didier Rousseau (Nice)


"Olivier Francheteau is above all an artist, he knows how to create an atmosphere and decorate an interior like no one. His elegant choices in colors and lights ensure an exclusive and original decoration. A true professional." Cyril Chahouar (Nice)


"A professional in color and good taste! Everything is in the details, in the clever marriage of the object, the furniture and the color. Mr. Olivier Francheteau knows his business and is particularly loyal to his client's projects and needs Recommend without restrictions! " Philippe Rouah (Nice)


"Elegance, refinement, professionalism, creativity, adaptation to the needs of the client and his budget. These words characterize Olivier Francheteau. I highly recommend him." Édouard Simier (Nice)


"In the construction of a new film production project for Olivier Francheteau Decorator, we discovered his place of life. Far from imagining such a rich and personalized universe, it is a real showroom of artistic experimentation which has allowed to discover all of Olivier's talent His DNA: sought-after staging, art of living, harmony of colors, controlled contrast of universes, in-depth knowledge of design. Olivier is first of all a meeting, an exchange, a share ... a window that opens on your privacy, to make it cozy and to your image. Refinement is its watchword, the sweetness of life its ideal, the tailor-made its objective. " Sylvain Hart, director LaFabrikFilm (Antibes)


"Thank you Olivier Francheteau for your availability and your reactivity which once again brought that extra soul that made the difference." Louise Scozzafava, manager of Luckey Nice (Airbnb concierge)