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Do your customers often stop in front of your windows to gaze with wide amazed eyes at what is on display before entering your store and making a purchase? Do you think you know how to tell a story in your windows? Have you noticed hot spots and cold spots in your sales floor? Are your items for sale sufficiently highlighted? Is your lighting appropriate for good visibility and to create an atmosphere conducive to purchase? What emotions do the colors of your walls evoke? Do you prioritize your decoration according to the value of the items? The litany of these questions could go on and on...

Obviously, merchandising is the solution to a successful customer experience and thus optimize your sales within your store. Thanks to a clear zoning and beautiful staging, the customer can find his way around the sales area better and thus better project himself to satisfy his emotional needs.


With experience as a visibility expert at the Montblanc store in Nice, qualified as the most beautiful store in France between 2010 and 2015 where he worked continuously, Olivier Francheteau intervenes to help you decorate your windows and the interior of your point of sale. based on specifications previously defined during a first meeting. These specifications draw up an inventory of your store, highlighting its strengths and areas for improvement.

Discover his intervention at Syst'm Deco

Discover his intervention for Vegan Mode

Fees: €495 including tax for a 7-hour day, €950 including tax for 2 days. These fees do not take into account the carrying out of work when the case arises or the purchase of accessories.


Do not hesitate to contact us to organize an appointment for your merchandising project.

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