Vos clients s'arrêtent-ils souvent devant vos vitrines pour regarder avec de grands yeux émerveillés ce qui y est exposé pour ensuite pénétrer dans votre boutique et passer à l'acte d'achat ?

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Merchandising is the answer to be successful with the client experience and to optimise your sales in your shop. Thanks to a clear zoning and beautiful displays, the client can easily find his way in the shop and satisfy his emotional needs.


I had the chance to be a visibility expert in the flagship Montblanc in Nice, the most beautiful store in France between 2010 and 2015 where I used to work constantly.

To discover a merchandising project at the Syst'm deco show room.

Fees : 495€ TTC for one day of 7 hours, 950€ TTC for 2 days.