Le home staging est la solution pour mettre en valeur votre bien immobilier afin de le vendre rapidement avec une plus-value attendue de 5 à 15% du prix de vente initial 


Home staging is the solution to sell more quickly your flat or your house by looking it better and attractive for the greatest potential buyers who have often experienced some difficulties to project themselves when the place looks too personal or when there is too much renovation to consider. 


Thanks to home staging, you can expect an increase between 5 and 15% of the selling price from the beginning.


  • I visit your place and with you, I make a diagnostic of each piece of your immovable and if it is a house, outdoors are included. 

  • I give you later a complete report with all the changes to accomplish.  Which includes what needs to be cleaned, changed, fixed, organized, improved, etc.


Between 0,5% and 1% of the VAT selling price from the beginning, depending on the real estate.