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Feng Shui is defined as a principle based on the circulation of energy and the harmony of space which is introduced into your interior to promote your well-being. This practice is based on orientation in space divided into 9 sectors including the center around which the 8 directions revolve: east, northeast, southeast, west, northwest, southwest, south and north. . These 9 sectors linked to one of the 5 elements or 5 movements: water, wood, fire, earth, metal refer to colors, specific materials and an appropriate symbolism.

Feng Shui helps to complete your decoration project which will thus rest on beneficial bases to better appreciate every moment of every day in your place of life. Some like to think that reading a book dedicated to the subject is enough and therefore it is not necessary to hire a feng shui consultant. Proof of this is with Mrs. Briand who questioned Catherine Corsiero on this subject:

“I want a well-being decor, I just need to buy a few books on feng shui! But why is the information I find there sometimes contradictory? For the kitchen wall, they say “Red” while my friend who has also read lots of feng shui books says “Blue”… what a headache! Complicated to find it! »


Catherine Corsiero gives him her answer:

"The most reliable is if your book refers to orientation, that is to say the use of a compass. From the orientations, you can specify shapes, colors, materials or the symbolism of your decoration.Then your favorite decorator will offer you a tailor-made atmosphere, for a comforting cocoon in a cozy and colorful style to make you feel at home.

FYI, there are several feng shui schools: the school of form, the school of the compass and the school of flying stars. Each one makes sense, you have to know in what context to apply them."

The meeting between Olivier Francheteau and Catherine Corsiero was obvious as they both work with the same objective: well-being. The duo will help you design a home where well-being is the goal of every decision made. During the appointment, Catherine intervenes first on Feng Shui and Olivier then takes over to complete with his decoration advice so that you haveultimatelya clear vision of what needs to be done to complete your project.

Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment..  Fees: €320 including tax for the 2-hour meeting

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